Does My Car Take Conventional Or Synthetic Motor Oil?

Understanding what type of motor oil your car takes isn't too difficult. In fact, many vehicle manufacturer's actually put the oil recommendation for your specific vehicle in the owner's manual. This makes for a quick and easy decision on your part. However, it's still a good idea to know the difference between conventional oil and synthetic oil.
Conventional oil is the cheaper of the two options. This oil is made from base oils that go through a blending process. It's great for use in vehicles that don't deal with a lot of towing or high-mileage.
Synthetic oil is the more expensive option. This oil is made in a lab with specific ingredients by oil engineers. This allows for a final product that can withstand more combustion heat and retain more harmful debris from the functioning parts of the motor. Because of this added protection, many vehicle manufacturers require full synthetic oil.
Scheduling your oil change is the most important part of your car maintenance. Be sure to call your local dealership today!
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