2018 Dodge Demon SRT is All About That Twist

The New York Auto Show is four weeks away, which means that we have about a month to go before we’re able to behold the upcoming 2018 Dodge Demon SRT in full. Since it was announced two months ago, we’ve been treated to eight videos showcasing the unique parts and design features that make it one of the brand’s most potent vehicles yet.

Yes, it even out does the Hellcat SRTs—at least, that’s what we can deduce from what we’ve seen so far. The car will be 200 lbs. lighter, come with unique air intakes, not to mention a set of drag radials that grip the pavement with such command one commentator joked that the car would “rotate the earth beneath it.” The latest video focuses on the torque management of the new car. Check it out.

Want to learn more about the Demon SRT? Come back in four weeks at the kick off of the New York Auto Show, and you’ll hear all about it. Feel free to contact our Dodge dealership in Kalamazoo, MI to learn more about our current lineup.

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