Fluid Service Keeps Your Car Ready for the Changing Seasons

Every season has its weather problems. Summer has its heat and winter has its cold. Throughout it all, your car fluids require changing. Whether it is antifreeze, transmission fluid, or oil maintaining proper fluid levels helps avoid car breakdown. Changing the fluid in your car is an essential part of car maintenance. Zeigler Chrysler Dodge Ram Kalamazoo understands without proper fluid, your engine will break down, literally destroying your vehicle. Fluids are so important to your car’s operation that warning lights for low fluids are installed at the manufacturing level.

When fluids become old and laden with debris, they wear on engine parts. This fluid residue is just as destructive as no fluid at all if left unattended. Making an appointment at Zeigler Chrysler Dodge Ram Kalamazoo will keep your car operating smoothly. Improper fluid levels can easily cause a vehicle to overheat, causing parts to warp. If fluids leak, engines may catch fire, whether fluid levels are lost through low levels or through leaky gaskets. Proper maintenance of fluids is crucial to a well-maintained vehicle.
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