Protecting Your Car From Leaf Damage

Beautiful leaves and cool weather are synonymous with the fall season. The leaves look pretty now, but, soon they will be falling, leaving trees bare. Those fallen leaves can wreak havoc on your car. If left for too long fall leaves can damage your car's paint and clog air filters. Luckily, a little prevention can keep you from having to worry about this. Follow these steps to protect your car:

  • Regularly remove leaves from the surface of your car. Decomposing leaves release acid onto your car that damages the paint, so removing them before they begin to decompose will protect your car.
  • Park your car in a garage or, if that's not possible, use a car cover to protect your from falling leaves.
  • Even if you do remove the leaves in a timely fashion, it's still important to wash your car on a regular basis. If you notice that your car already has stains you can use distilled vinegar to treat it.
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