Top Family Vehicles with the Best Features

Have you wondered which family vehicles out there have the best features available? These past few months, I have experienced quite a few rental cars and have been highly impressed by the features included. What features exactly?

Well, anti-lock brakes are definitely important. But what about a spacious trunk, back-up camera, rear-seat entertainment, Bluetooth, and even a LATCH system and sunshades?

When it comes to families with children, these features are definitely worth the buy.  We all know that families prefer vehicles that have large trunks and space to carry around everything a family needs to get from A to B.

Back-up cams I think, are one of the best car inventions ever! Not only is it helpful when backing out of a busy parking lot, etc., it has the potential to save lives as well. The backup cam catches things you may not see on your own. It's been an awesome feature for my family.

Is rear-seat entertainment a must? It's definitely not a must, but it helps, especially on those long road trips with little ones. A built-in DVD system is a God-send!

What about Bluetooth? A hands-free driving experience for phone calls, etc., is important for everyone's safety. If you can't utilize Bluetooth, then always hold off on phone calls while driving.

A LATCH system is an awesome feature. First off, what does LATCH stand for? It stands for "lower anchors and tethers for children." Sounds complicated right? Not so much. It's a system that is built into the backseat of a vehicle which makes loading a car into their car seat so much easier. It's also nice to be able to install or even replace a child car seat. It's something that is starting to become more popular in newer family vehicles.

Sunshades are perfect for when you have infants, toddlers, etc. as sometimes that bright and hot sun can be a nuisance when driving on a long road trip with the family. It keeps everyone comfortable and cool as a cucumber!